How this works

As any good collaboration does, it all starts with a conversation. Click below to chat with me about your website. No commitments. Just a conversation about your goals and how we might achieve them. Fill out a brief form, and I will be in touch via email. 

Liking where this is going? Then, it’s time to dig in a little bit to really expand upon your website Goals. I will send you a Design Questionnaire to fill out. This will ask specific questions that help me to develop an accurate proposal for you. 

Let’s talk about it! Before I put together your proposal, we will have a conversation via Zoom to make sure that we are on the same page. 

It’s about time to talk numbers. After our Zoom call, I will send you a proposal outlining our discussion and your website goals, as well as the price for the website design and build. 

Ready to go? Then, let’s do this. Once you give me the go-ahead, I will send a Design Contract to you for your signature. This outlines the project, the price, the process, and the timeline. Once that is signed, we’re off! As outlined in the Design Contract, there will be stages at which I will reach out to you for design approval. 

Let's chat

Want to discuss your website? Let’s chat about it. No commitments. Just a conversation about your website goals and how we might achieve them together.